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We are luxury experimental Tours company based in Jaipur,Rajasthan, we are recognized by Government of Rajasthan, ministry of tourism. we have been planing tailor made luxury tours and activities in and around Rajasthan from last 14 years. we make sure that your travel planes are running smoothly and you get an unforgettable experience of our breathtaking State.

Memorable Places

“Exploring the timeless beauty of India, where every corner tells a story of grandeur and every sunset paints a memory to cherish.” 🏰✨

Amazing Teams

A dynamic team of young & enthusiastic professionals, assisted by the team leaders & well-wishers with experience of several years in service industry. We all at


“Embark on a journey through India with the locals’ choice—where authentic travel experiences meet unparalleled hospitality.” 🐪🌟

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We provide Tour services across all of India and if you’re looking to experience Rajasthan at it’s Best and unexplored places you can contact us and make plans accordingly.


Who We Are

Rajveer Singh Nirwan

 I've been working in various sections of the tourism industry since 2006. I was Branch Manager at Amigo Travel's (Rajasthan Office), Heritage India Journey (Rajasthan), Jenisha Holidays (Mumbai) Concierge at Taj Ram Bagh Palace and Hilton., and had a role in group bookings at hotels all over Rajasthan for domestic and inbound clients. Apart from management roles in high-profile companies, I also have a huge connection in the travel trade industry (domestic and inbound), working for 150+ domestic agents in India and 40+ FTO's as a B2B agent. After working in the travel industry for about 20 years, I decided to pursue my passion for my own travel company.

Vikrant Meradhwal DIgital Markketing
Vikrant Meradhwal

an accomplished professional with an MBA in Information Technology and Marketing Management. With a strong background in digital marketing and website management systems, Vikrant brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His strategic thinking, analytical skills, and passion for technology make him a valuable asset in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Our Team

Jaipur travel


Rajveer Singh



Narendra Singh



Anurag Soni


Narpat Singh


DP Singh


Rajendra Singh


Our Mission & Vision

Perform and deliver excellent quality service

We are a luxury experimental Tours company based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we are recognized by the Government of Rajasthan, ministry of Tourism. we have been planning tailor-made luxury tours and activities in and around Rajasthan for last 14 years. we make sure that your travel planes are running smoothly and you get an unforgettable experience of our breathtaking State.

Our Mission

“Embark on a journey with Make My Holidays with RuralRajveer, your premier partner for discovering India’s rural beauty and historical wonders. Our mission is to curate exceptional India travel experiences, offering personalized historical tours that unveil the country’s rich cultural tapestry. We specialize in rural tourism, connecting you with the authentic essence of India’s vibrant communities and ancient landmarks.”

Vision Statement

 “Make My Holidays with RuralRajveer aspires to be India’s top travel choice for explorers seeking sustainable travel and genuine connections with history and local culture. Our vision is to lead the Indian travel industry by providing insightful historical tours and eco-friendly rural adventures that celebrate India’s heritage and contribute to its preservation.”

Customer Commitment:

“We pledge to serve our customers with the utmost care and attention, ensuring their travel desires are met with tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations.”

Our Partners

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